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2020 Shanghai International Fashion Industry Expo
时间:2020.7.2-4地点: 上海新国际博览中心E4-E7
Time: 2020.7.2-4   Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center E4-E7
配资公司 WFS
About WFS
随着时尚产业变革和文化多元发展,凝聚东方理念和优质制造的中国时尚产业正展现出新优势,为全球时尚产业注入多元化价值体系和新生力量。“如今很多产业都在向全球化迈进,我们要更好地服务于中国时尚品牌,由上海市商务委员会批准,上海市皮革技术协会,上海雅辉展览有限公司主办,上海市商业联合会,上海市纺织品商业协会,上海服装鞋帽商业行业协会,广东市白云区鞋业协会等支持的“2020上海国际时尚产业博览会(简称世尚荟)”将于2020第7月2-4日在上海新国际博览中心举办,同时携手时尚箱包展、时尚鞋业展、时尚服装服饰展、时尚配饰展、时尚礼品及股票论坛 品展、时尚智能制造同期召开,预计展出面积6万平方米,1800家参展企业,80000专业买家,世尚荟将作为品牌最佳的商贸洽谈、渠道扩展、资源整合、潮流发布、跨界合作的时间交流平台,是不容错过的时尚行业盛会。
With the transformation of the fashion industry and the development of cultural diversity, the Chinese fashion industry, which condenses oriental ideas and high-quality manufacturing, is showing new advantages, injecting a diverse value system and new forces into the global fashion industry. "Now many industries are moving towards globalization. We need to better serve Chinese fashion brands. Approved by the Shanghai Commercial Commission, Shanghai Leather Technology Association, Shanghai Yahui Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai Business Federation, Shanghai. "2020 Shanghai International Fashion Industry Expo (abbreviated as Shi Shang Hui)" supported by the City Textile Business Association, Shanghai Apparel and Footwear Business Association, and the Guangdong Baiyun District Footwear Association will be held in Shanghai on July 2-4, 2020. The International Expo Center was held in conjunction with the Fashion Bags and Bags Exhibition, Fashion Shoes Exhibition, Fashion Apparel Exhibition, Fashion Accessories Exhibition, Fashion Gifts and Home Products Exhibition, and Fashion Intelligent Manufacturing. It is expected to have an exhibition area of 60,000 square meters and 1,800 exhibitors. As an enterprise, 80,000 professional buyers, Shishanghui will serve as the brand's best platform for business communication, channel expansion, resource integration, trend release, and cross-border cooperation. It is a fashion industry event not to be missed.
男鞋、女鞋、童鞋、休闲鞋、高跟鞋、靴子、皮鞋、凉鞋、运动鞋、功能鞋 、拖鞋、定制鞋等;
男装/正装、潮流女装、皮衣皮草、羽绒服/棉服、羊绒/呢绒、内衣/股票论坛 服、毛衫/针织、牛仔/休闲、童装、泳装及沙滩装、内衣及睡衣、时装及面料及外套运动装功能性面料花边及服装辅料;
时尚股票论坛 展区
时尚股票论坛 饰品、时尚礼品、餐具、厨具、地毯、花艺、香薰、工艺品、装饰画、仿真花、小家电、美容和健康类产品、旅游用配饰等;
智能裁床CAM、智能吊挂Hanger生产计划管理系统ERP、智能生产管理系统智能排版系统CAD、3D扫描测量智能仓库iWMS、智慧门店iRetail、分销系统DRP/POS智能缝制Sewing、智能后整Finishing生产炒股配资 云平台Cloud定制系统MTM智能制鞋机械、箱包机械;
exhibition criteria
Fashion bags exhibition area
Handbags, bags, fashion bags, clutches, fashion casual bags, accessories, leather goods, belts, belts, etc .;
Fashion shoes exhibition area
Men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes, casual shoes, high heels, boots, leather shoes, sandals, sports shoes, functional shoes, slippers, custom shoes, etc
Fashion & Fabrics
Men's / Formal Wear, Trendy Women's Wear, Fur Fur, Down Jacket / Cotton Jacket, Cashmere / Woolen Cloth, Underwear / Home Service, Sweater / Knit, Denim / Casual, Children's Wear, Swimwear and Beach Wear, Underwear and Pajamas, Fashion and Fabrics and Outerwear Functional fabric lace and clothing accessories;
Fashion accessories exhibition area
Scarves, scarves, shawls, gloves, belts, socks, pantyhose, fashion belts, fashion hats, gloves, fashion jewelry, glasses, hair accessories and accessories.
Fashion home exhibition area
Fashion home accessories, fashion gifts, tableware, kitchenware, carpets, floral art, aromatherapy, crafts, decorative paintings, artificial flowers, small appliances, beauty and health products, travel accessories, etc .;
Fashion intelligent manufacturing exhibition area
Intelligent cutting machine CAM, intelligent hanging Hanger production planning management system ERP, intelligent production management system intelligent typesetting system CAD, 3D scanning and measurement intelligent warehouse iWMS, intelligent store iRetail, distribution system DRP / POS intelligent sewing Sewing, intelligent finishing finishing production Information cloud platform Cloud custom system MTM intelligent shoemaking machinery, luggage machinery;

Supporting activities
Shi Shang Hui Fashion Brand Conference
Original designer brand dialogue
Fashion industry industry docking negotiations
Top 10 Fashion Brands
Shi Shang Hui-Fashion Innovation and Development Forum

在 WFS世尚荟,以下买家将拜访您的展位: 
Who will visit?
At WFS, the following buyers will visit your booth:
Importers / agents, brand OEMs, ODMs, shopping malls, shopping malls, department stores, buyer boutiques, assembly stores, e-commerce, apparel manufacturing companies, fashion media, import and export companies, global famous brands and buyers Shanghui professional buyer
Reason for participation:
Bring together media resources from many industries around the world, the first platform for new product launches, which is only open to professional trade audiences. High-quality and stable trade visitors make the exhibition efficient and convenient. The Chinese fashion industry market is growing rapidly. The potential exhibiting brands and products can get high exposure and quickly increase their popularity. Powerful marketing tools, bringing together all kinds of fashion industry products and brand names, presenting the latest trends and trends in the industry, exhibitions and luggage exhibitions, shoe exhibitions, gift exhibitions, clothing and apparel exhibitions, accessories exhibitions, Asian sports and fashion exhibitions, and concurrently held by Mobile World Congress At that time, it will attract tens of thousands of professional buyers from around the world. At the same time, it will become an exhibition platform for the exchange of the fashion industry. Advanced exhibition facilities and convenient transportation conditions. Shanghai Xinguo Expo Center E4-E7. The exhibition area is 60,000 square meters.
配资开户 我们
contact us
Shanghai Yahui Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 702, No. 34, No. 518 Jianzhuan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Phone: 86-21-33730859
Fax: 86-21-51561778
Website: www.fashion-expo.cn
Email: info@shyhzl.com.cn

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